Friday, December 5, 2008

Are you a flight attendant?

You are equally important to Air Vitals. Our market research survey three years ago gave us some great insight into your needs. And they're different from what pilots need.

Please talk back to us and let us know what you need, what you'd like to learn, and what you'd like to see! We'll do our best to have it here for you.

One thing Diane and I both have experience with is eating disorders. That's not to say our assumption is that flight attendants have them...but we've both seen how the intensity of the job and a work environment without a lot of options for healthy stress outlets can make it easy to use food as a stress buster.

I recently chatted it up on a PHX-LAX flight with a group of flight attendants on their way to catch their flight to Narita, Japan. I very much appreciated their willingness to share their job stresses, and their health concerns, among other things.

One flight attendant shared in our survey that she is on her feet so much while working, she simply doesn't have the energy for a cardio workout when she gets to her destination. Many of my pilot friends can't wait to move after sitting for hours, and it's easier to talk them into the hotel gym. That's an important difference to note, and illustrates why we need to hear from you!

If you'd rather share your comments off-blog, you can write directly to myself at, or Diane Whelan at We are independent professionals with no connection to any airline, health provider, or union. Your information is simply that--information we use to better serve you, and it goes no farther than our personal e-mail boxes.

Look forward to getting to know you!

Note about the photo: I spent a whole lot of time on both Google and Flickr looking for a photo that included both male and female flight attendants. It was not that easy to find! I ended up filing through a whole lot of historical photos of interesting uniforms in the process...have to say, you all have come such a long way! I'll try to incorporate some of those in future posts, I just wanted the first post to all of you to be a little more respectful.


Colette said...

Yes, I agree that after a fourteen hour day it can be hard to drag yourself to the gym when all you want to do is climb into bed when you reach your hotel. However, it is important for FAs (and Pilots as wel) to realize that exercise is tied in to something we all covet...and require: sleep.

Even just twenty minutes on the elliptical or treadmill will make you sleep longer and more soundly...and ready to take on the next day of your trip.

Food is so important to us and it is so hard to eat healthily as we travel. In the beginning of my career I felt like I was eating healthy as can be on my days off at home...but once I got to the airport I bought whatever was cheapest, tastiest, and fastest. Though it may be difficult, I have now switched "schedules"....I invest in my diet on the road and I let myself "go" on my days off (which is much more enjoyable to my quality of life, btw) Food affects you differently in the air. Eat a slice of pizza on the feel good right? At least Ok. For the most part its enjoyable. Eat it in the air...and ewwwww. You feel terrible. I eat as many raw foods as I can handle in the air. Raw, raw, raw. Its my secret.

I know we all take our per diem as part of our income (most of mine goes to the electric bill) but cut something else out...and really use some of that money to buy fresh, healthy foods.

hormonewoman said...

Thank you for your insight, Colette! The more we hear from you the more we know what it is we need to do, to bring you helpful information.